Les Cerniers / Giettes  - locator JN36LF
25 January 2003

Altitude 1200mt. Tranceiver Yaesu FT-897 - 144Mhz X-quad 12 elements and telescopic mast. This will be my primary portable QTH for quick operation. Its located near my QRA, so I can be operational in a very short time. This day was more for testing equipement than for performance... Was no propagation plan on this day, but as you can see on the pictures, was a great day, with sun and snow. The main oppening from this QTH is direction north / north-est, so my target operating from here will be mostly Ireland, Great-Britain Scotland etc...

I was very happy to see that all ma portable equipement was so easy and quick to install, after choosing the right place for installation, take me more or less 15 minute to be QRV. Thanks to HB9ADJ Charly for the help. We play arround the call freqency 144.300 Mhz during just 2 hours, but as I already say, no propagation this day, so the result was only 4 QSO all HB9 stations. Below are somes pictures of this nice day.
(click on pictures to get bigger)

25 janv2003 007.jpg 25 janv2003 008.jpg 25 janv2003 009.jpg
25 janv2003 010.jpg 25 janv2003 011.jpg 25 janv2003 012.jpg
25 janv2003 013.jpg 25 janv2003 014.jpg 25 janv2003 015.jpg
25 janv2003 016.jpg 25 janv2003 017.jpg 25 janv2003 024.jpg
25 janv2003 025.jpg 25 janv2003 026.jpg 25 janv2003 027.jpg
25 janv2003 028.jpg    

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