QSL infos

click on picture to get full size QSL

All double QSO with same station will be confirmed via E-QSL.

All QSL are always welcome !
as a rule, i send and confirm all first QSO with a station (on each different band) by a real QSL via the USKA buro.

If you want QSL direct :
Michel Bianchi
Ch. du Guidoux 10
1907 SAXON

What is E-QSL :

Some Invented Ham Radio Operator have developed an ingenious system to exchange QSL cards, directly, on the Net. Very simple to use ! You have to create an account, you have to choice a model of your E-QSL and you upload your log, at ADIF Format. You will surprise that when you will create your account to have certainly several E-Qsl.

The server has kept them and will deliver it, if the contacted station has himself an account, and uploaded his log ! You can find the E-Qsl site, by clicking Here.