Radio Interests  


Main activity for VHF.UHF are on the 2M band. I'am most of the time watching the band on 144.300 for openning. During the year I participate to several contest with my radio-club under the call HB9Y (see also


50 Mhz

I start to be active on 6M band on may 2002, and already get many great experiences. During this starting period between may and July , was lot of good oppening, give me the chance to do more than 300 QSO all over europe, in 2 month. I'm very interesting in this Magic Band, and watch the band more or less every day. If you want to do somes tests on 50Mhz, or sked, please contact me at


HF bands

I start to operate in HF bands in August 2003. I'm QRV mostly on 20M - 17M - 15M and 10M. I'm using home made windom antennas. This configuration work quite well.

I will operate time to time the military station HB4FL during special event or contest. if interested to contact this HB4 prefix at any time, please contact me by email to schedule a try for QSO.